Through these images the inspiration and idea behind #ForTheNewRomantics was definitely portrayed. The character of the brand’s typical woman: one who is fearless, delicate yet modern and determined; the new romantic. The balance between old and new, that is visible in both the collection and in the images, characterised by almost doll-esque poses. The campaign was shot in DC, in a house museum, perfectly conserved, 1865 setting.

Nayibe Nassar was both the designer, fabricator and art director for everything: this included choice of location, styling, the selection of every single production member — included photographer Aly Michelle. The collection was handmade and available by order. Custom made pieces are available with at least two months of anticipation to delivery date. Here is a gift to you: the backstage images, and the campaign images. Are you #TheNewRomantic ?

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Nayibe Nassar Fall Winter 2016-2017 collection campaign

Creative Director, Art Director and Stylist: Nayibe Nassar

Photographers: Aly Michelle & Stefan Doyen

Models (from left to right): Francesca Ciavarella, Noell Taylor, Anna Tignor, Claire Hollinger, and Kimberly Hurd.

Makeup and Hair: Nayibe Nassar (campaign) & Sean McKrackin (runway show)


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